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When a casino surveillance "blooper" tape hit the airwaves in Australia back in the early nineties, it was a huge wake up call to the industry. Suddenly a lot of us in surveillance realized, to quote a politician from a previous decade, that operating CCTV was just like owning a casino, "It's a privilege, not a right". Management of casinos across Australia instantly implemented the 5 second Home Articles Security The Changing Focus of the Casino Surveillance Team The Changing Focus of the Casino Surveillance Team. November 12, 2019 Jennifer Boss Security. Finding ways to reduce loss in all departments. Old time surveillance directors will tell you that when we started it was all about table games. In those days, they really were the only game in town as far as the casino was Modern casino surveillance departments have highly trained employees with sophisticated electronic equipment, all designed to keep an eye on you. The "Old Days" However, this wasn't always the case. In the past, when casino gambling was only legal in Nevada and New Jersey, surveillance departments were often either non-existent or staffed with poorly trained individuals. Many surveillance Casino surveillance operators don’t want to be confined to one location, but have the freedom and flexibility to roam your environment with full access to multiple cameras, as well as enjoy the security of a control center. Items to consider when contemplating the flexibility of your surveillance technology: Does your solution serve both your physical casino surveillance layer and a roaming Surveillance that includes both audio and video footage should be targeting every available inch of the casino’s grounds. Of course, there are a few areas that are not permitted to have surveillance for privacy reasons. In the movies, casinos’ security management is often displayed in a back room filled with monitors being watched carefully by guards that stay ready for action. There is Could you be due for a change to your casino security surveillance system? Read More. Casino look to reinforce the safety net. Gaming operators and product vendors continue to expand security and surveillance capabilities, as these case studies show. Paul Doocey. September 25, 2020. No Comments . Located inside the luxury Ramada Plaza Hotel on the Korean resort island of Jeju, Gongzi Jeju

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